Instructor Recruiting

Creek and River Co., Ltd. has established a language training division in October and is now seeking instructors with the background and interest to help Japanese professionals build their English Language skills. This is a new program that will grow over time. We are currently accepting applications and schedules for lessons starting in early 2019. These lessons will be onsite at client locations in Tokyo and the surrounding areas. 

We are looking for experienced trainers to join our new team of English Language Instructors focusing on students from the fields of law, medicine, engineering, IT and the service industry. We are also interested in instructors who are multilingual especially in English and Chinese. 
We incorporate cutting edge technology with specialized materials to create a learning environment that surpasses the current offerings on the market today.

We are partnering with our clients to improve their ability to conduct their work in English and possibly other languages. This means focused materials and lessons based upon real world scenarios that can be used immediately after their lessons. These are not general level up courses. They are specific lessons created by experts in the field that incorporate client requirements to become a customized program.

We offer:

• Base rate of 2,500 yen per 45 minute unit, minimum 2 units at a time
• Transportation cost reimbursement to and from client based upon company rules

We also offer the following bonuses:

• Contract completion bonus of 100 yen per lesson taught when contract is completed
• Customer satisfaction bonus of 100 yen per lesson taught when contract is completed
• Experience bonus of 100 to 300 yen per lesson taught when contract is completed based upon teaching experience and experience in the relevant fields (law, medicine, engineering, IT and the service industry such as hotels and restaurants).

As this is a new division in a well-established company, there may be future opportunities for career growth as our client base increases. 

Please send resume, cover letter and current availability. Due to the volume of applications, only successful applicants will be contacted. 

Company Information:

Creek and River Co., Ltd. was established in 1990 as a pioneer in the “creator agency” business and is listed on the first tier of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The key element of our business model is attending to every need of our clients by making appropriate use of our “creative network” consisting of about 230,000 creators and nearly 22,000 partner productions. We accommodate various creative needs in Japan and all over the world with an infinite number of possible combinations of different kinds of capacities and creativities. We aim for the realization of an affluent society by designing, developing, and providing creativity. Currently there are 1,100 employees working in Japan, along with teams Korea, China and the US. Our HQ is located in Shimbashi, Tokyo in the Mori Shin Tora Dori Core Building.

Our Philosophy: 

The possibility for human ability are infinite.
We develop that potential to its fullest,
and contribute to the happiness of people and society

Our Vision: 

By supporting creators, we create well-rounded people and affluent society

Our Mission:

We discover, develop and support talented creators, and establish an environment for them to be successful

Our Business Model:

C&R Group meets various social needs with the central focus on professionals who possess the talents to be core members of each industry. We provide these main services for professionals:
Agency — providing jobs through dispatching
Producing — providing job opportunities by creating projects
Rights Management — increasing profits from IP
Education — enhancing the value of these professionals

We focus on education because we believe in creators’ infinite possibilities. To realize one of our important missions, “improving the lifetime value of creators,” our education business aims to provide creators with information, support for their career development, and contribute to building their skills.