Privacy Policy

About the handling of personal information

Based on our personal
information protection policy, we will stipulate the handling of personal
information received from the principal as follows.

1. Legal and appropriate acquisition

Acquisition of personal informationis made as clearly as possible within the scope of our company’s business andcarried out by lawful and fair means.

2. Your consent

When acquiring personal information,we will obtain the consent of the person himself explicitly. In addition,if the principal is under 12 years of age etc., we will also obtain consent ofparental authority (including legal representative).

3. Right to personalinformation

In the case where the personalinformation acquired by the Company falls under the disclosure of personalinformation, the Company’s name, the name of the personal informationprotection manager, the purpose of use, the disclosure etc., (hereinafterreferred to as “request for disclosure”) We will explain theprocedure and etc., according to the request.

4. Change purpose ofuse

In the case of changing the purposeof use after acquiring, we will notify the purpose in advance, unless it fallsunder any of the following, and we will obtain your consent.

(1) When there is a risk of harmingthe life, body, property or other rights and interests of the principal or athird party by notifying the purpose of use to the principal or making itpublic

(2) When there is a risk of harmingthe rights or legitimate interests of our business by notifying the purpose ofuse to the principal or publishing it

(3) In cases where it is necessaryfor a national agency or local public entity to cooperate in carrying out theaffairs prescribed by laws and ordinances, notify the principal of the purposeof use or publicly announce such affairs.

(4) When the purpose of use is foundto be obvious from the viewpoint of acquisition status

5. Optionality ofpersonal information

Providing personal information to usis optional. 
However, if all or part of the personal information that we require is missing,if there is an error in the information, we may not be able to continue thecontracting process

6. Purpose of usingpersonal information

We will use personal informationacquired from the principal within the range necessary for achieving thepurpose of use described in each of the following sections.

(1) Procedures concerningrecruitment and creator / production / trainer registration and selection

(2) For the work related to theguidance or agreement of agent service from our company

(3) Insurance Medical Management,Social Insurance Membership, Employment Management, Notification of EmploymentStatus of Foreigners

(4) To make various proposals andconsulting such as capacity development support and life support

(5) To secure work according to thewishes and abilities of creators and trainers

(6) For distribution of e-mailmagazines in the services provided by the Company

(7) Information on educationalcourses, communication of cancellation, etc. for smooth operation

(8) For improving products orservices, such as asking customer opinions, or planning development of newproducts / services

(9) For procedures related toregistration such as product purchase at the EC site operated and managed bythe Company

(10) Confirmation of the applicationfor products related to the services offered by the Company, request forpayment or receipt confirmation and shipment of goods

(11) Investigation on improvement ofproduct development / service, such as investigation of customer’s usage andsatisfaction level, problem solving, hearing and summarization · Forstatistical analysis

(12) In addition, handling entrustedpersonal information in order to conduct surveys, aggregation, statistical analysis,etc. of customer’s usage situation and satisfaction degree, planningdevelopment of new products and services as a business by our company underconsignment (In this case, it does not fall under the subject of disclosure).

7. Offer to thirdparties

Personal information will not bedisclosed or provided to any third party unless it falls under any of thefollowing.

(1) When there is consent of theprincipal

(2) To provide individuals in anunidentified state

(3) When consigning handling toexternal contractors for reasons such as facilitating business

(4) When requested to be providedpursuant to laws and regulations

(5) In cases where it is necessaryfor the protection of human life, body or wealth, and it is difficult to obtainthe consent of the person himself / herself

(6) In cases where it isparticularly necessary for the improvement of public health or the promotion ofhealthy fostering of children, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of theperson himself / herself

(7) In cases where it is necessaryfor a national agency, a local public entity or a person receiving aconsignment to cooperate in fulfilling the affairs prescribed by laws andregulations, by obtaining the consent of the principal, When there is apossibility of hindering the execution

(8) Shared use with affiliatedcompanies, affiliates, etc. listed in this handling paragraph 9 (shared usewithin the group of personal information)

8. Offer to consignee

We will carry out businessactivities smoothly and efficiently within the range necessary for achievingthe purpose of use described in Section 6 (Purpose of use of personalinformation) in dispatch of magazines and operation management of servers etc.In some cases, we may outsource the handling of information to the outside. Inthat case, we select contractors in accordance with the criteria established bythe Company and conclude a contract on handling of personal information so thatthe handling of such entrusted personal data ensures the safety management, tothe consignee.  We will carry out the necessaryand appropriate supervision over these companies.

9. Shared use ofpersonal information within group

We may occasionally share personalinformation within the scope necessary for achieving the purpose of use withour affiliated company and affiliated organizations listed below.

(1) Items of personal information tobe used jointly: Personal information such as basic information stated in thishandling section 6 (purpose of using personal information)

(2) Scope of persons to use incooperation: Subsidiaries and affiliates of the Company (including overseasaffiliates *)

 (3) Purpose of use by the person using: Thepurpose of use described in (1) (2) (4) (6) (9) in this section 6 (purpose ofusing personal information)

(4) Person responsible formanagement of personal information: Creek and River Co., Ltd. 
Personal information protection administrator Email: .jp

10. Proper managementof personal information

Keep your personal information keptaccurate and up to date within the necessary range. In addition, we are takereasonable safety measures regarding risks related to personal information suchas unauthorized access from the outside, loss, destruction, falsification andleakage of personal information.

11. PersonalInformation Manager

Personal Information ProtectionAdministrator  E-mail:

12. Procedure torespond to “Request for disclosure, etc.”

We will promptly respond to”Request for Disclosure etc.” for personal information held by ourcompany by confirming that it is a request from the principal by the methodprescribed by our company. However, we may be required to pay a disclosurefee separately determined by the Company regarding disclosure. Also, if itfalls under any of the following, it may not be subject to disclosure. Inthis case, we will inform the principal with the explanation of the reason,without delay, to that effect.

(1) When there is a risk of harmingthe life, body, property or other rights and interests of the person or thethird party

(2) When there is a risk ofseriously hindering the proper implementation of our business

(3) In case of violating laws andregulations

For “Request for Disclosureetc.”, please contact the following personal information consultationcounter.

13. Procedure torespond to ‘consultation on complaints about personal information’

If you feel that correspondence ofthis handling of personal information is inappropriate, please contact thefollowing consultation window for any inquiries concerning personal information

Creek and River Co., Ltd. 
Personal information consultation manager
TEL : 0800-888-1171 E-mail: